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In Memory


In Memory Of Bronco

On Saturday, September 29, after an adoption ride to Kentucky, Central Ohio lost a member and brother. Bronco lost control of his bike after the highway tape came loose and peeled up under his tires. He was transported to the hospital but lost his fight later that day.

Bronco had a way with the children and they all seemed to gravitate towards him. They really loved when he showed them how to lasso.

Bronco was also a Sergeant for the 16th Engineer Brigade in the National Guard and served 2 tours of duty in Iraq.




Karen was a sister, friend, and a daughter. She had birthdays, Christmas, Easter, family vacations. She laughed and cried. She was also a victim of child abuse. She was sexually, physically and emotionally abused by her father for more than half of the seventeen years we were blessed with her in our lives.

Karen tried to sacrifice herself to protect her younger siblings, but to no avail. One by one her younger siblings also become victims of this horrible abuse. She never told anyone what was going on when they weren’t looking and some people just looked the other way. She was told this was her life and she would be nothing more than a piece of trash. The guilt of being unable to protect the other children and what she was doing to try to protect them was too much.

Thinking as a seventeen year old, not having the help she needed and living in fear day after day, she felt there was no way to get away from the abuse. Karen committed suicide just one week before she was to turn eighteen. Even after her death the abuse of her younger siblings continued and out of fear their abuser was never prosecuted and still walks the streets.

Over the years child abuse isn’t so much a secret any more, children are telling and people are looking. Karen died in 1979. It was another time and place. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the fear these victims of child abuse live everyday.

There are so many different organizations out there now to help these children. But for me when B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) walked through the door I knew it was different. When I learned what they do to help these children I wanted to go back to the past for the first time. Maybe my sister Karen would still be alive and our father would be in jail.

If we do our part and get involved we can break the chains of child abuse and help a child become a survivor and not a victim like Karen

MAY 26, 1961- MAY 19, 1979 




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