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Central Ohio Testimonials

Dear B.A.C.A. ( Bikers Against Child Abuse),

You all know how much I appreciate you. Current members and those who’ve moved on. Each of you have played a part in the healing process for my family. We are a strong unit, but we couldn’t have gotten this far without you.

Red, I’m so thankful for that first time we met you. The strength you instilled in our Pooh Bear still burns strong today. You have never failed her. You live in her spirit. You conquered her nightmares. You gave her hope that there are people out there willing to ride through blazing heat, pouring rain, and cold wind and sleet to be there when someone is in need. You will always be her hero.

Kangel, Even tho you’re no longer with B.A.C.A., you remain in our hearts. Pooh Bear found strength also through your strength. You were a part of the puzzle that made her whole again and I thank you for that.

Babe, Even before Poosa was hurt, you and him had formed a bond. When he came to need the support you all give, that bond grew and eventually was sealed with a ring. When he woke from a night terror and destroyed his room, it was you who calmed him. Just the sound of your voice can tame the beast that haunts him. I’m so thankful he has you!

Jammer, Your authoritative role throughout our relationship with B.A.C.A. has proven to be a major source of where we all have found hope and strength. I’m thankful for your no bullshit attitude that’s paired with one of the most comforting hugs I’ve ever gotten!

Teddy Bear, You’re love for each of my kids is so deep! You are one lady I’m glad to have in our corner!!

Zuk, Thank you for being there for us! You’ve supported my kids with true B.A.C.A. spirit, but you provided support for Brandon when he had no where else to turn. The bond he and I formed with you and Teddy Bear helped us be strong for our kids when they needed us most.

Hollywood, we are always excited to see you roll up on a ride to our house. You, like so many others, have been there for us since day one. Thank you! And thank you for not killing me at 120 mph! Lol

Chula, Your face is one I wish I seen more of! You have helped each of my kids in so many ways. But I’m thankful for your bond with Auggie.

Special K, Fear the quiet one lol. Your presence in our lives has been a major help in getting us where we are today. I’m thankful we have you!

Cotton, I’m not sure how Duckie’s infatuation with you started, but you gave that little girl something to look forward to when everyone around her was sad. Thank you for making her smile!

Straps & Little Kitty, Like your parents, the bond we created helped give Brandon and I the strength our kids needed us to have. You both gave us all hope!

Chief, It all started with you. I’m thankful for my Criminal Justice class that led me to you. You accepted Pooh Bear into your B.A.C.A. family and provided her a support team like no other. I will never forget you surprising her and flying to Ohio to support S.A.C.A. Or asking her to speak at the convention. You are the reason she’s overcame her demons. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Dallas, And no I didn’t save the best for last lol. Or maybe I did? Either way, your support grew into a friendship that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and for me! You and Cougar were there for Auggie and I at a point no one else was. For that, I love you!

From my first email to Chief, to B.A.C.A. meeting Pooh Bear for the first time, to her first night of sleep without a nightmare, to Poosa being hurt, to our wedding, to S.A.C.A., to Boogr doing the gorilla joke to Jammer, to Poosa destroying a room in a rage, to water fights, to going 120 mph on the back of Hollywood’s bike, to singing happy birthday to Poosa for the first time in 4 years, to fear, to tears, to happiness, to victory …… THANK YOU! Thank you for every phone call, every bag of gummi bears, every hug, every mile you’ve ridden through every storm.

You are our heroes.


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MouseC Letter 3


 Michigan Testimonial


City Of Columbus



Monday night, Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio.

Chopper had yet another surgery. One of over a dozen in his short seven years. Chopper had his BACA blanket draped on his hospital bed, his bear at his side. Chopper was down and out most of the day, then it happened. His family came to visit. Into his hospital room stepped not one or two, but a dozen men and women with leather vests and hearts of love. Baca was here. His brothers and sisters. The shine on our son’s face was priceless. He had one of the largest smiles I have ever seen on his face. The hour they spent with us took away Choppers pain. It took away our pain as parents. It filled our hearts. They took Chopper to the playroom. (Actually Chopper took them) Everyone of them played not only with Chopper, but, with each and every child in there. On their knees, on the floor, giggling and hugging. When Chopper was getting tired, and wanted to return to his room, they followed him. They filled his bear with hugs again so our son would know they were always there. Do these men and women know what they have given to our son? Our family? I want to make sure that they do. I want to make sure you know.

Chopper was adopted by the Central Ohio Chapter of BACA in July. He (and his brothers) had endured two years of bullying by an “adult” neighbor. We as parents could no longer sit back and watch this happen. The local law enforcement did not seem to care. We had called several times to report the situation. We had come to our wits end when this bully called our disabled son a “f`ing retard”. Our children could not enjoy the safety of their own front yard. Chopper would run into the house, literally in pain, crying. A friend suggested that we look to see if there was a local BACA chapter near us. A fast search on the net found the number to the Central Ohio Chapter. A call was placed to Red. That night a meeting was set up. Within three days the thunder rolled in. Chopper was riding his chopper motorcycle in the yard. His mom, Tammy was talking with Red and Jammer. Tyler noticed the man across the street, and ran into the house. Babe and Kangel asked if he was in pain…we told them he ran in because the neighbor came out. They were appalled. They could feel the emotional turmoil. It was decided before they left that Chopper was going to be adopted. We were told to expect a call back soon to set up the adoption ride. That call came two nights later. In three days, Chopper was going to become a member of the BACA family.

We waited outside for the rumble of the bikes. Here it came. Up rode three bikes. One person checked the perimeter of the house. We heard “it’s ok boss” Someone rode off. Then….it happened. The windows in the neighborhood shook. The ground quaked, and our drive was suddenly filled with bikes and bikers. One could feel the love as they got off their rides. Eighteen badass men and women smiling at our family like they had all known us all our lives. One by one each and every one of them came to us and hugged us. They introduced themselves. They all knew Choppers name. There was no schedule to the meeting. Every fifteen minutes or so, some of them changed places, meaning they were off guard duty. It was remarkable to see Chopper playing in HIS yard, not a care in the world. He got it. He knew that these people were not only friends, but, now part of his family. He even got the road blocked off for him to ride his chopper up and down the road. His smile melted anyone that saw it.

A week ago, our oldest two sons, Corbs and Cozzy were made BACA members. They got their vests. They got more family, instantly and sincerely. When Jammer and Babe (Choppers primary contacts) were told that he was going into the hospital on Monday, they wanted to know times. They instantly said they would be there. We never would have thought of asking these folks to give Chopper more time. It was however, a given to them that they would. They love Chopper, Corbs and Cozzy. They love our whole family. We love them. An hour after they left our home, the idiot neighbor threatened to hit Cozzy in the face. We called Jammer. He came to us within fifteen minutes. (I personally think that man has wings) He had us call the police. He stood guard outside until the police came. We made our reports. Cozzy relayed what happened. Jammer has talked to the police captain regarding our situation. He followed up Monday morning. He brought with him to the hospital Monday night that this neighbor was going to be charged with menacing. He brought with him peace of mind. He brought love.

Our story has many more bits and pieces to it than explained here. As do all of the BACA stories, I am sure. I just wanted to be sure that you know what an awesome group of people your Central Ohio Chapter has. Chopper can tell you all their names. He can tell you exactly what they have played with him. He can tell you that they love him. He has gotten a part of his childhood back that we as his parents were unable to give him. BACA has changed our lives.

Thank you does not seem like enough to say to all of the people that have become part of our lives. I love you starts to cover it. Please know that this family is better, stronger and happier due to our brothers and sisters of BACA.

Tammy and Denise, parents of Chopper, Corbs and Cozzy.


Dear BACA,

I wanted to take a moment to extend my deepest gratitude to your wonderful organization and what you have done for me and my two daughters. I have lived in fear for many years for my two girls and what they have to endure while in the care of their father during their visitations. The gut wrenching stories of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological abuse. Numerous calls made by teachers and mental health professionals to Children’s Services lead to nothing more than an investigation that was always dropped. The court system has failed them time and time again.

When my girls came home from a 3 week summer visitation just two weeks ago, my oldest told me that her dad once again hurt her. I had had enough. I immediately called Children’s Services knowing once again they would do nothing. Then I contacted the Central Ohio Chapter of BACA.

I had a phone call returned within an hr. I explained what was going on to Red and a meeting was set up within 48 hrs. Officers came to my home, spoke with the family, explained to us what the organization was all about and set up a ride at the home, again within 48 hrs.

That meeting was so enlightening for me. All the contacts given to me for any question or concerns I could have where provided. The day of the ride-WOW. It was the most beautiful and powerful thing we had ever seen. My children were taken back. My tears welled up, my daughters were smiling and in amazement. The ceremony was breath taking as the bikes blocked off our drive.

Red got off of his bike and introduced us to everyone. We received hugs and handshakes as if we had known them our entire life. My children were given vest and patches, t-shirts, and the hug of the teddy bears was just amazing. I as their mother felt an immediate sense of safety for them during BACA’s visit.

Before the teddy bears were given to the girls the children were allowed to go for a ride on the bikes as well as myself. My youngest daughter is autistic and extremely shy and takes to very few. She jumped on Hollywood’s bike and had the time of her life. Her shell immediately broke in the hands of BACA. Something I see very rarely in her. I could not be more thankful to you for that.

Just when the girls and I could not imagine any more surprises, we were offered tickets to attend a concert at Polaris, and sit with BACA. WE HAD THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!!!

I know now they are not alone against this monster. I will never again shake at the door when he is picking them up wondering what is going to happen. Most importantly, eventually neither will they. They have their contact numbers everywhere and will never leave home without them.

God Bless you BACA and all you do. You have a lifetime supporter. When my girls are grown you will have them as well. Thank you BACA for standing up when no one else will. For having a voice when the children can not.

Thank you Red, Hollywood, Cricket, and Towtruck for helping my children learn to say NO MORE and for making them feel so comfortable through this entire process!!! Thank you to all of the Central Ohio Chapter members who made my girls faces shine like the stars that they are on Saturday when you pulled in front of our house.

BACA, you could not have a finer group of people representing such a wonderful organization I am forever grateful………… Hugs and more hugs, Pam, James, Firecracker, and Bookworm.


This was a very long and drawn out case, but this is why we ALL ride for the children!

I want to thank B.A.C.A (Bikers Against Child Abuse) for coming into the picture and helping my son out. They have no clue what it means to me and my son. God bless them everyday for what they have done. B.A.C.A rocks!  No Child should ever be abused, no matter what.

I want to also thank Lwilson and her supporters for coming out and helping to fight to get my 8 year old son away from sex offenders and the abuse that was going on..

I really want to thank Janet and Katherine Hines from the Ross County Network For Children. If it was not for them then I would not have come this far. They have pushed me to fight and got things going. I give my life to them for helping me out and making me strong and fighting these people. I would of never got my 8 year old son if it was not for them they are angels and god put them in my path for a really good reason…..

I also want to thank my Attorney Kimberley Doucher for coming into the picture and jumping on this case with short notice. She has done a really great job and she is still working hard….

I thank all of you with all my heart. You all have done so much and have worked so very hard on this case and I know that its not over but we all hang in there and we will get this taken care of

Thanks from Gastly and his Mom




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